Our Offerings



Fill the skilled resource gap by engaging our resources on a need-basis. Pay per schedule!

Be it complex analytical expertise that you need for a quarter to forecast the remainder of the year better or project management expertise that you need for that short-term digital project, let us help you provide best-in-the-industry expertise at a fraction of the cost! What’s more? You pay only for the schedule of engagement. Hire the experts without really ‘hiring’ them!



Convert isolated data points into key drivers in business decisions through advanced statistical and mathematical tools to re-invent your business.

You have unused information hidden in your point of sale software, procurement and human resource systems, spreadsheets, historic sales etc. Harness their full potential. Convert isolated data points into key drivers in business decisions. We provide advanced statistical and mathematical tools to re-invent your business. We develop bespoke analytics tools based on your needs.



We will don the explorers hat and draw up strategies for your growth, without letting you get distracted from the daily business!

Most SMEs limit their technology usage to their web presence, social media campaigns and point of sale applications. Some go beyond and implement customer relations management and loyalty programs. They do not have the resources to take advantage of the wealth of data they hold in their databases. We can look at the kind of information that lies dormant in your systems and suggest innovative means to develop specific strategies and customized techniques to harness its power.
We will show you what is out there, and what is possible. We will take on tasks that distract you from your daily business and core competency.



Evaluate and Automate your business processes to deliver highly effective outcomes!

Data Integration: Integrate information fragmented over multiple isolated systems, and generate business insights.
Process Reengineering: Improve productivity by reengineering your processes with the help of tailor-made technology solutions.
Business Process Management Solutions: From your workforce to your end consumer, we can develop solutions that will harmonize your complete product/service lifecycle. Enable your workforce to deliver more than best – deliver Customer Delight!